The Association of Medical Consultants –Mumbai or AMC as it is popularly known, was established in 1972 by a small group of energetic active and concerned medical consultants from distant suburbs who often assembled and animatedly discussed their common problems. Over the years, the immense need rose for an organisation of this nature and the Association grew rapidly. It is now one of the fastest growing Associations of Specialist Doctors in Mumbai and boasts of a membership strength of 11000 Medical consultants. AMC represents Consultants practicing at corporate and non corporate Tertiary care referral Hospitals (both Government and Private) and individual Consultants practicing through their own consulting rooms, Clinics & Nursing Homes spread across Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane districts. It also boast of 5 affiliate units in Maharashtra & Karnataka. It is recognized as a frontline Medical Organization and is an important opinion making body which addresses vital public health and professional issues facing the medical profession in general and medical consultants in particular. AMC has effectively brought together consultants of various disciplines on one platform
and aims to highlight and offer solutions to all the important day to day problems faced by consultants. For a practicing consultant enrolling as our member has become equivalent to registration with the MMC. However it is not only the Doctor’s issue which are highlighted by AMC but also other issues related to public health such as environmental issues, organ and blood donations. First aid workshops and medical camps & public awareness lectures are also conducted by AMC from time to time. The name of Association of Medical Consultants & its Logo are also patended. It is registered under Public Charitable Trust.
To create a distinguished national medical body which facilitates unity of the entire medical fraternity, promotes sound, ethical, evidence-based medical practice, initiates path-breaking healthcare policy reforms and induces a harmonious doctor-patient relationship.
To guide, steer, motivate and hold hands of every practicing Consultant to carry on his/her medical, ethical and social responsibilities and duties conscientiously and fearlessly while promoting the knowledge arena of medical education and securing a safe & effective healthcare delivery system in conjunction with the sociopolitical authorities.

A) Areas in which the Association is active.
B) Social Service Cell :

As AMC is a charitable organisation registered under Charitable Trust Act, the various charitable activities conducted by the Association for the society at large are :

C) Affiliate Branches :

The problems of consultants practicing anywhere are likely to be same. It therefore stands to reason that, AMC should help consultants from other regions (viz, outside Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai) to organize themselves into similar Bodies. These consultants need not have to re-invent the wheel but can easily replicate the organizational structure and aims and objectives of AMC.
AMC has affiliate branches in different towns of Maharashtra likeKolhapur, Ratnagiri, Pune, Nashik, Sindhudurg & Latur.The ideology of the AMC is now being taken to other states of the country to facilitate formation of similar bodies outside Mumbai which can eventually form AMC INDIA. We have successfully started Affiliate units in Karnatka like Mangalore & Bangalore.We have conducted M LC programmes at Kolkata, Ajmer, Pune & Nashik & hope to start units there.
These are our associate members from outside the jurisdiction of the association. They have the advantage of attending our programmes and availing all the other benefits like medical indemnity, H & A policy etc. Our senior members also visit these affiliated organisations programmes and give talks on topics of their interest. The ultimate aim is to widen the sphere of the influence and activity of AMC at the national level.
One can start an affilated branch by making 25 consultants in the area as member of the AMC. They can decide their membership fees but 40% AMC Mumbai fees have to be sent to the parent body for Affilated Branch.

D) Fellowship and Programmes :

The Association helps in promoting a sense of fellowship and solidarity amongst consultants and aspires to uphold their legitimate rights and privileges and to obtain redressal of their grievances. However it also exhorts members to practice ethically. Few of our important events are :

AMCON : Is our Annual Conference attended by over 800 to 1000 consultants. The highlights of AMCON are Oration, Debates, Panel discussion and lectures by eminent personalities on topics of great concern to consultant community. Personalities like Shri Narayana Murthy, Shri Deepak Parekh, Shri Amitabh Bachchan, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Mr. Soli Sorabjee, Mr. Rajkumar Hirani, Ms.Sushmita Sen, Mr. Manohar Parikar, Raj Thackeray and many other prominent speakers have addressed our members.
Medico Legal Conference : AMC conducted a highly successful medico – legal conference every year in Mumbai. Participating delegates were from all over India. Now we have decided to hold similar conferences in the major cities of India, so that consultants everywhere can benefit. This will not only help the doctors but also the patients as the awareness created by such programs goes a long way in improving healthcare delivery.
Other programs include discussion on Professional Indemnity Insurance, Consumer Protection Act and Doctors, Establishing a private nursing home-problems and perspectives, Medical Council vis-a-vis practicing doctors, Medico Legal Liability, Post mortem, Coroner & you, Media and Medical Profession, Frustrations of doctors due to inadequate infrastructural facilities, AIDS-Social, Legal & Medical aspects, MMC Act- Outdated ?does it need to be revised radically? Legislation affecting Medical Establishments like Clinical Establishment Act, Shop & Establishment Act, PNDT Act Minimum Wages Act, Impact of TPA on Medical Practice & Bio Medical Waste Disposal Act etc.

E) Publication :

i. Grasp : The official publication of AMC is called Grasp. This is a quarterly magazine and sent to all members free of charge. It is a most eagerly awaited bulletin and apart from chroniciling the activities of the association, it provides valuable and practical information pertaining day-to-day practice. It has regular columns such as “Do”s and Don’ts” which educates members on the preventive aspects of medico legal problems and malpractice litigation. In addition there are thought provoking articles, such as accreditation and healthcare facilities, medical ethics, depressed doctors — distressed families and so on.
ii. Better Safe Than Sorry:A very Popular Book authored by non other than Dr. Lalit Kapoor, compiles all the preventive auspects in regard to medical legal cases in daily Medical practise. Many Indivival Speciality Association have distributed this book all over India to their members.
iii. Smart DOC :It is edited by Dr. Suresh Rao. It compiles all the issues face by Medical Consultants on which programme have been held in the past.
iv. Docu Smart :Docu Smart is edited by Dr. Bipin Pandit. It is compilsation of all the stationery material in the correct format as required legally by the medical practioner / Hospital. It act as a ready reconer for printing the stationery like admission form, Consultation form, certificates etc.
v. Medicolegal Manual for Police : It is edited by Dr. Vipin Checker. This book is bridging the gap between police and doctors. Information having relationship concerning Police and Doctors.
vi. Myths and Facts in Medicine: It is edited by Dr. Sujata Rao & Dr. Nitin Rao. It is bridging the gap between patient and doctors.
vii. Car Sticker : A Printed car sticker with AMC Logo given to the Members & its Member proudly stick on their cars.
viii. Telephone Directory: The Association has a telephone directory of consultants, listing specialty-wise, addresses, phone numbers, cell numbers & e-mail addresses. This directory is periodically updated.

F) Website :

We have an independent website with the domain name An important communication channel, our website acquaints a member/doctor with our various activities and any doctor wishing to enroll can download our various forms online. Most of our announcements, notices and our magazine are posted online.

G) Board Room for Meetings :

A beautifully decorated A/C board room with seating capacity of around 25 people is a new acquisition of the AMC, situated in the same address. This board room is made available at a nominal cost to members and other medical associations for meeting and group discussion.
Who is eligible to become member?
Those having post-graduate qualification in any branch of allopathic medicine /maxillo facial surgeon and are either practicing as a consultant / in service / having an attachment to any hospital within the jurisdiction of Greater Mumbai, Navi Mumbai or Thane District are eligible to join the Association.
Other than the above jurisdiction those having Post graduate qualification in any branch stated above can also enroll members (those will be called associate members). Forming and affiliate branch 25 members can come together for any area and avail benefits of all AMC Products.
By now you must have positively realized how important it is for a consultant like you to be a part of such a rapidly growing organization
involved in so many constructive activities. If you are eligible, enroll yourself quickly and be part of this organization.
Association of Medical Consultants, Mumbai
Membership Fees w.e.f. 16.11.2015

Life Member Rs. 9440.00
Jt. (Couple) Life Member Rs. 14160.00

*Inclusive of GST.
Association of Medical Consultants Membership

Total Membership of the Association : 13100
Members under Professional Indemnity Scheme of AMC : 8364
Persons(Members & Family) under H & A Scheme : 5285
Members under CBS Scheme : 1543