Program committee 2021-22
Aims and Objectives

AMC organises all the year round programs to encompass the current as well as the burning issue in health care sector.


This is our annual conference attended by about 800 to 1000 consultants where personalities Like Shri Narayan Murthy, Shri Deepak Parekh, Shri Amitabh Bacchan, Ms. Kiran Bedi, Shri Soli Sorabjee, Shri Rajkumar Hirani, Shri Arnab Goswami, Shri Kapil Sharma and many other prominent speakers have addressed our members. Dedicated talks on the theme topics are delievered by experts in the respective fields during this event. The C.L. Zaveri oration is a feature for AMCON each year. Needless to say every consultant should attend this program and be a member of AMC

Doctors Day Program:

Every year AMC celebrates Doctors 'Day, ie. 1st july, by organising and conducting several social cause activities for the benefit of the general population. On the first sunday of July, AMC organises an entertainment program for the entire medical fraternity as a token of appreciation for all the hardwork and effort they put in all throughout the year, year after year. Felicitations and various awards are presented in this program.


CME sessions are organized across 8 zones of AMC and are attended by many consultants giving an opportinity to develop comradeship amongst collegues of different specialities

AMC Connect Programs:

To connect with all or members and understand area based issues and challenges. The AMC members can connect with the managing committee round the clock if needed.

Mentoring Next-Gen:

Amc organises workshops in communication skills, Financial management, ethics in medicine etc. to mentor and sharpen the skills of junior and upcoming consultants and also the undergraduate and post graduate students.

Aarogya - Manthan :

This is to brainstorm on health care issues by involving chairman and members of Medical Councils , Director of Medical Education and Municipal hospitals, Deans of medical Col-leges and many others in an event organised by AMC

Medico Legal Conference:

"MLCON" has been conducted annually since 2016 with a purpose of educating the medical professionals with various aspects of medico legal laws and systems and also to update them in recent changes in the legal framework. Apart from doctors, many Judges , advocates and lawyers are part of this coveted program.


Programs done

Naari Shakti

"Naari Shakti" which was conceptualised by The President Prof. Sushmita Bhatnagar. The program was for the woman and by the woman and attended by all. Prominent speakers like Dr Rujuta Mehta,, Dr Geetha Balsarkar, Dr Purnima Mhatre gave excellent talks related to the health aspects of woman. Miss Nehal Mota gave the insight of how to became financially independent. This was followed by talk given by Celebrity Mrs Kanchan Adhikari who shared her Les-sons of life. Prominent Celebrity Lawyer Advocate Mrunalini Deshmukh gave a talk on how to confront Patriarchy and the session ended with an audience interactive Session

Covid Update 1.0

Covid update 1.0 held on 2nd of May. This program was attended by more than 1800 Members. Myths and facts of Covid vaccination was explained by COVID Task force member Dr Vasant Nagvekar . It was followed by a talk on "Freedom from COVID: The way ahead" by Dr Shashank Joshi who is also active member the COVID Task force group. After this the executive director of Serum Institute of India Dr Prasad Kulkarni gave a talk on COVID-19 vaccines and gave all the statistical data of the efficacy, side effects and post vaccination infection incidence. These talks were followed by an interesting panel discussion with esteemed panelists Dr Gautam Bhansali, Dr Vasant Nagvekar, Dr Prasad Kulkarni, Dr Mandakini Megh, Dr Milam Sathe and Dr Neel Tandon.Later on it was joined by Dr Sushmita Bhatnagar and other members of AMC office bearers. The entire panel discussion was very well moderated by Dr Alok Modi and Dr Pradeep Baliga. Thereafter Dr Ritesh Agarwal and Dr Pradnya kulkarni concluded the Session with Question and Answers from the audience which was very interactive.

Fire Webinar

NOAH cell initiative and was based on the Fire issues in Nursing Home. Programme was held on 23rd May and we had many members from the affiliate cells who gave the brief of what the situation was in their area concerning the fire issues. This was followed by a talk given by Mr Rajesh Dubey on structural audit, Miss Bhagyashree Varma on the electrical audit and Mr KV Hirwale who is the chief fire officer current situation of safety protocols of fire in nursing home and he was also joined by Mr Hemant Parab who is the deputy chief fire officer. Later on the panel discussion took place and was well moderated by Dr Niranjan Agarwal and Dr Ashok Shukla. The panel was also joined by Dr Suresh Rao who is the chairman of the NOAH cell. The program reached its conclusion with satisfactory question and answer session.

Corona se Muqabala

Community programme was held on 6 th June and focused on “Corona se Muqabala”. We had with us Dr Sanjeev the head of Covid task force Maharashtra, Dr Mangala Gomare Ex-ecutive health officer of MCGM, Dr Mahesh Reddy DSP Andheri who shared their experi-ence of Covid with the doctors and the general public attending the program. They were part of a panel discussion which was also joined by Dr Ashish Bhumkar from Maharashtra mucormycosis task force, Mr Shashikant Modh the district governor of Lions Club and Mr Sunnil Mehra the district governor of Rotary club. The session was well moderated by Dr Sujata Rao and Dr Rajeev Agarwal. A lot of Covid related information including the safety protocols, vaccinations etc were discussed and were shared with the general public to help create awareness and keep them safe.

International Yoga day

On 20th June we celebrated the International Yoga day in association with Iyengar Yo-gashraya . Convenor of the program was Dr. Rajendra Chawhan. The introduction was giv-en by Mr. Birjoo Mehta and Dr. Manoj Naik gave the practical demonstration. This was followed by panel discussion on the expirience and evidence on the efficacy of Yoga. The panellist were Dr. Sushmita Bhatnagar, Dr. Anand Parihar, Dr. Viraj Tambekar, Dr. Rajvi Mehta and Dr. Taral Nagda. The Panel was moderated by Dr. Devdat Kapadia and Dr. Smita Sharma. Panel discussion was followed by an excellent audience interaction session. All the audience highly appreciated the program which had excellent practical tips and also the importance of incorporating the Yoga practice in the daily life was well explained.

Doctors’ Day program

The Doctors’ Day program on 4th July. The program was convened by Dr. Bipin Pandit. Many Celebrities extended their gratitude towards the work done by the doctors especially during the Covid Pandemic. We got video greetings from Television actress Mrs. Jayati Bhatia, Producer Mr. Bharat Dabholkar, Singer Mr. Hariharan, Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor famous for khana khazana and actor Mr. Ananth Mahaderan. We also had a very senior surgeon Dr. V. N. Shrikhande as the Guest of honour for the program. The Members who had Lost their lives in the Covid Pandemic were appreciated and the families of these COVID martyrs were invited to the program and presented with certificates. Then we had with us the famous mentalist Mr. Nicolai Friedrich who performed Live online from Germany and interacted with the audience who were mesmerized with his jaw dropping mentalism show and left all amazed. We also had lucky draw with many prizes and Question answer session. The show was a complete entertainment and left the audience pondering over the magical tricks for many days after the event !

Financial independence series programme

Financial independence series programme was held on 15th of August 2021 in associa-tion with Finnovate on an online platform and was attended by about 450 delegates. Dr Rajeev Agarwal was the convenor There were talks by Mr. Shailendra Dubey on importance of making a will and the ad-vantages of getting the will registered. CA Geeta Tolia spoke on t how to be a medical en-trepreneur and how to manage the nursing home finances. Mr. Nilesh Chandra spoke on the various investment possibilities in the equity market and shared his own personal experiences on how to make profits by applying strategies. Mr Subrata Biswas spoke on various insurance policies ,their benefits and how secure the policies are.Ms. Nehal Mota explained how the finances should be planned as per once needs and also why proper plan should be in place so as to ensure financial freedom. These topics were followed by a very informative panel discussion moderated by Dr. Rajeev Agarwal and Dr. Vivek Dwivedi with Dr.Nitin Bhagali, Dr. Ramakant Deshpande, Dr. Ramesh Shah, and Ms. Nehal Mota being the panellist. There were many important questions taken up during the discussion and were answered crisply and to the point by the experts and they also shared their own personal experiences and investment strategies. All queries from the attendees what taken up and answered by the panellist to satisfaction .

Master class

Master class was taken up by CA Geeta Tolia. It was a part of financial freedom series mainly focusing on money management in hospitals and nursing homes

Hence at its AGM of AMC , it was unanimously decided to launch AMC India Project under the stewardship of Dr Lalit Kapoor as its Director , Dr Kishore Adhyanthaya as its Convener and Dr Niranjan Agarwal as its Secretary. AMC team relentlessly pursued this objective and visited several cities across the country in an effort to sensitize Consultants in other cities for the need of such an organization , namely AMC India ,later re-christened FAMCI and offered to assist them.

The modus operandi of initiating such an effort was as follows:

All AMC units to be eventually autonomous but to be integral to a Federation viz. FAMCI (Federation of AMCs of India)

Following cities were visited by Team AMC :
  • Mangalore
  • Bangalore
  • Kolhapur
  • Pune
  • Nashik
  • Ajmer
  • Hubli
  • Gulbarga
  • Kolkata
  • Delhi NCR
  • Gurgaon
  • Dharwad
  • Mysore
  • Sindhudurg
  • Raipur

We also received an invitation from Srinagar Consultants but visit was kept pending for logistic reasons. We record our grateful thanks to the following AMC members who offered their services to travel to the various cities, at the cost of their valuable professional time to promote the cause of a Pan-India AMC.The contribution of the following members is duly acknowledged:

A special mention must be made of Dr Bipin Pandit whose wide popularity amongst Consultants across the length and breadth of the country was instrumental in rallying around prominent consultants in various cities and metros and gave a fillip to this exciting mission. We are truly indebted to him and hereby acknowledge his contribution.

The other members who need to be profusely thanked are Dr Veena Pandit, Dr. Sujata Rao, Dr Smita Sharma, Dr Ajit Desai D Suhas Kate, Dr. Lalit Kapoor (who ignored his health constraints) Dr Kishore Adyanthaya , Dr Niranjan Agarwal. In addition, the following non-members were generous enough to spare their valuable time to travel along with AMC team to take part in the medico-legal discussions that were arranged as part of the effort to promote the concept of FAMCI:

Presently, following are members of the FAMCI , having been formally inaugurated:

AMC Mumbai is , of course the first, and founder-member of FAMCI.

This is indeed a proud moment for us at AMC and this would not have been possible without the monumental and humungous effort put in by the entire team and without the support of the successive managing committees and office bearers

We are hopeful of seeing a multiplier effect to inspire many more groups of consultants in the country to come forward to become part of the AMC family. We request all our members to use their contacts in other parts of Maharashtra as well as in the rest of the country to motivate Consultants to form a local AMC which in turn could network with Consultants pan India. Kindly get in touch with the undersigned and become instrumental in helping form a new member of FAMCI