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We are thrilled to announce an exciting new partnership that will bring significant benefits to our association and its members in the field of insurance. We are delighted to introduce our longstanding trustworthy Partners SMS Group jointly with IIRM (INDIA INSURE RISK MANAGEMENT and INSURANCE BROKING SERVICES PVT. LTD.) as our esteemed academic partner in this endeavor. They also have come forward to provide you services jointly with India’s leading Broker Company IIRM as such now, you will get a professional team for all services & competitive premium quotes in Symbiosis.

SMS Group & IIRM are renowned establishments specializing in insurance studies, with a track record of excellence in providing comprehensive education and training programs to professionals in the industry. As our academic partner, SMS Group jointly with IIRM will play a vital role in augmenting our members' knowledge and understanding of insurance, equipping them with the necessary tools to navigate their ever-evolving need for risk management.

Their Unique Sales Propositions (Usp’s) are enumerated here under:


Cover pays the policyholder for the amount of depreciation deducted on the value of replaced parts under their own damage claim.


This add on acts as a trusted ally when your vehicle breaks down while in transit. Anything from flat Tyre to a dead battery is looked after with on-the-spot repairs through this cover.


This rider covers repair and replacement expenses owing to accidental loss or damage to tyres and tubes.


If you live in a flood-prone area, you can protect your car’s engine against damage with this rider. It undertakes expenses incurred for the repair and replacement of internal parts of the engine, gearbox, transmission, and differential assembly, including the lubricating oil and consumables used in the assembly, excluding fuel.


If an accident leaves a car in a total loss or constructive total loss, or if it is stolen, under this cover, the insured is reimbursed with the difference between the sum assured and the invoice value of the car.


This rider covers the cost of consumables that need to be replaced or replenished owing to an accident of the insured car. The consumables include engine oil, gearbox oil, lubricants, nut & bolt, screw, distilled water, grease, oil filter, bearing, washers, clip, brake oil, air conditioner gas, and items of similar nature excluding fuel


This rider covers the cost of key replacement in case they are lost or stolen or if your car has been broken into. It

We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey with SMS Group jointly with IIRM for two years for prospecting enhanced coverage exclusively for Doctor’s Owned Cars and at this juncture we request to get them connected with you through their Call Centre and/or delegates deputed at AMC Office and provide them copies of your two wheeler, four wheeler and commercial vehicles like ambulance etc. for negotiating better T & C, special discounts with exclusive add-on’s fora fleet of Doctor’s Owned Vehicles

Witnessing the positive impact it will have on our association and its members let’s together, unlock new possibilities and drive innovation in getting exclusive coverage for Doctor’s Owned Vehicles which are well maintained, less and carefully driven.

To get them connected with you and to serve you better you can always get in touch for any queries 24*7 with their Team.

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