Dr. Vivek Dwivedi

Dear Colleagues,

I hope this message finds you well and in good spirits.

As the newly elected President of our esteemed association, which encompasses over 14,000 dedicated medical consultants, I am excited to connect with you today and I deeply appreciate the trust and responsibility bestowed upon me.

Serving as President of this prestigious association is a profound honor.

In today's world, marked by rapid advancements in social media and technology and having a core strength of our numbers, I see a pivotal opportunity to leverage these tools for the betterment of our members and the wider public.

The swift pace of information today presents an excellent chance for us to utilize technology in enhancing healthcare delivery, education and communication. Our aim extends beyond keeping up with medical advancements;we are committed to ensuring these innovations reach everyone in need.

Our goal is to foster a more interconnected community of healthcare professionals. Through social media, we can exchange knowledge, discuss new research, and offer mutual support instantly. I envision our association as a leader in adopting technology to improve patient care and our practices.

However, your input and support are crucial for this vision to materialize. I urge you to welcome these changes and consider how we might employ these tools to better serve our patients and community. Your experiences and insights will be invaluable in defining our strategy for integrating technology and social media into our endeavors.

Together, let's transform our association into a beacon of innovation and excellence in healthcare. The theme of my tenure, "Connect to Public", reflects our collective mission.

You have chosen a highly capable Team AMC 2024-2025, and we are committed to fulfilling our promise for the betterment of all. I am enthusiastic about what we will accomplish together and am dedicated to serving our fraternity and society to the best of my ability,

I look forward to work closely with each of you to usher our association into a new era of medical excellence.

Thank you again for your trust and dedication.

Warm regards

Dr. Vivek Dwivedi
President, AMC Mumbai