Financial Safety for the family of a member

AMC is a unique association concerned with betterment of its members. Associations various projects and activities for betterment of the members like H&A Cell, Medical Indemnity – PI Cell, Nursing Home owners – NoAH Cell and many more cells are actively rendering good services in the various spheres of consultants day to day life.

In August 2004 during presidentship of Dr. Sudha Sheth, Dr. P.N. Rao & few conceptualized and launched this brilliant scheme called Consultants Benevolent Scheme. This is to help the family of consultant when they loose the consultant and are in real need of some social and financial help. In the first year within 4 months period more than 1500 members enrolled the scheme.

This is unique scheme which has multidimensional aspects like Investment, Term insurance policy & more important it gives financial support to the family when beloved member of the family passes away. Thus AMC is always with the member during his active professional life and also after death like what LIC says ‘Jindagi ke Saath Bhi aur Jindagi ke Baad Bhi’.

Another unique feather of the scheme is any member of AMC can become member of the scheme alongwith spouse even in he or she is not a medical professionals. There is no medical check up needed before joining the scheme.

Initially the death benefit to the family was in the tune of 3 to 3½ Lakhs. However from 2020 the death benefit is more than 11 Lakhs.

Member at joining pays joining fee according to the Age group he fall in plus Advance Contribution of Rs. 6000 only. Every year the member has to pay contribution to the Benevolent fund depending on number of deaths that occurs during that financial year.

Member pay Rs. 1000 per death till 25 years. Thereafter the CBS takes responsibility to pay on his behalf. Member has right to nominate single beneficiary or more than one with percentage distribution to the nominees. He also has right to change the nominee wherever he wishes to.

The benefit of Benevolent amount can be rendered to member who has total disability also. If a member does not pay the annual required contribution after repeated reminders he obviously would be terminated after final notice. The benevolent amount is given to the family in shortest possible time after submission of Death certificate and Bank formalities. Member is eligible for the Benevolent amount after being in the scheme for one year.

In last 16 years the CBS has disbursed appx. 4.5 Crores to about 72 deseased families. Opinion of renowned accurist has been taken for the viability of the scheme. CBS gives unique opportunity to the member to give financial securities to his family and also help his professional colleague’s family also.


President – Dr. Vivek Dwivedi
Hon. Secretary – Dr. Vikrant Desai
Chairman – Dr. Shrikant Badwe
Advisor – Dr. Bipin Shah
Convenor – Dr. Nitin Rao


PER DEATH CONTRIBUTION: Rs. 1000 For e.g. 1000 X 4 Deaths = Contribution Rs. 4000

As on date benevolent fund appx.11,00,000/-

This is a pure number game = More the members in the scheme, More the Amount payable to the deceased family. So please join the scheme today only.



1. At any age you can join the scheme. Maximum age – 65 years.
2. Minimum paper work
3. Each member while joining the scheme has to pay
        1) Membership Fee according the age group (once in lifetime)
        2) Annual contribution at present Rs. 400 per year
        3) Per death contribution is of Rs. 1000 per death or any member becomes 100% disabled (Metal/Physical)
        4) Advance contribution of Rs. 6000 refundable but interestfree.
4. You can change the nominee at any stage if required. No medical checkup is required.
5. Benevolent fund payable on death is more than Rs 11,00,000/- as of today
6. Non AMC member Spouse can also become Associate member by paying Rs. 1000/- extra. They will have the same benefits.
7. Fund payable to a member will depend on the number of valid members in the scheme existing at the time of death or disability of the member.
8. The funds will be given to nominee within 30 days (maximum) on receiving confirmation of incidence, of course after satisfying de-facto position of the case i.e. completed claim form with death certificate of member.
9. Premium rates being paid by you are certainly less than LIC table prescribed. You can consult your advisor/ solicite advice from your fund manager too.
10. Our scheme is affordable, beneficial & safe and being handled by AMC
11. Added benefit of this scheme that it is another mode of investment, a mini term plan and a very important way of conveying your condolence to the family of the deceased member.

For any clarification, please contact AMC office – Tel no 022 26836019 / 26844639
Ms. Pramila: 8898025823
Dr. Shrikant Badwe (Chairman – CBS Cell)
Dr Bipin Shah (Advisor – CBS Cell): 9322280305

Table of admission fee payable (at the time of joining the scheme):

Overall Total Amount
Age AMC Member & AMC
Spouse Member EACH
Non Member
Below the age of 40
10300 11300
Below the age of 45
12900 13900
Below the age of 50
19400 20400
Below the age of 55
25900 26900
Below the age of 60 completed 32400 33400
Below the age of 61
38900 39900
Below the age of 62
45400 46400
Below the age of 63
51900 52900
Below the age of 64
58400 59400
Below the age of 65
64900 65900
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